Can be pregnant 10 days abort

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Women are more likely to become pregnant after having sex, especially if the contraceptive method is not very rigorous.Contraceptive failure can be pregnant, and a lot of women are to wait until after ten days pregnant will be found, so pregnant 10 days can be knocked out?Let's take a look.


Can be pregnant 10 days abort

When be pregnant 10 days embryo still did not grow, do abortion operation to compare simple, can choose medicaments abortion and painless abortion operation.Painless abortion is one of the most popular abortion procedures in recent years, because the pain is reduced, so is the physical burden on women.And pregnant 10 days of time, the body of the embryo and the body of the pregnant woman is not so close, remove the embryo on the body of the pregnant woman is not so much harm, some women do not want to have a major operation can also be aborted through the drug flow.

Precautions after abortion

1. Pay attention to vaginal bleeding

Generally speaking, pregnancy sac discharge is more complete, bleeding should be similar to the usual menstrual volume.If the amount of bleeding or bleeding lasts for about a month, this means that the abortion is incomplete or co-infected, you need to go to the hospital for clinical curettage immediately.

2. Take breaks

Abortion postoperative should rest in bed for 2-3 days, after the activity can get out of bed, gradually increase the activity time.Do not engage in heavy physical labor and cold water work within half a month after the stream of people to avoid cold.

3. Keep the vulva clean and do not have a room with her

Abortion after the uterine mouth has not been completely closed, the endometrium also has a repair process, in this period of time, special attention should be paid to maintain the cleanliness of the external pudendal, the use of sanitary napkin supplies and underwear to wash and change frequently, after half a month do not sit bath, so as not to dirty water into the vagina, cause infection.Abortion after if premature coitus, easy to cause acute endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, but also secondary infertility.Therefore, abortion in a month after the forbidden sex.

4. Diet little food items

Diet excitant food, wait like chili, wine, vinegar, pepper, ginger, this kind of food all can stimulate sexual organ congestive, increase menstrual quantity, also diet crab, field snail, clam and other cold food.Avoid raw, cold and greasy foods.

Above is the pregnancy that introduces for everybody 10 days can knock out relevant content, in addition the article still introduced matters needing attention after abortion for everybody, hope above content can help everybody.

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