Can you lose weight by swimming

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Swimming in the hot summer is a very good aerobic exercise, swimming can consume a lot of physical energy, promote the metabolism of the human body, 30 minutes can consume nearly 1100 kilojoules of calories, so for some people, summer swimming is the best way to lose weight.So does swimming really help you lose weight?Let's see.


Can you lose weight by swimming

Swimming can help you lose weight.In swimming, though, you use your hands and legs to keep your body moving.But in fact, the whole body needs to move in the process of swimming, so swimming can exercise the whole body, for weight loss is also very good effect.Water resistance is greater, and motion in water will burn more fat than motion on land.Therefore, swimming is a faster exercise to lose weight.

What are the benefits of swimming

1. Build up your resistance

When swimming, the body will consume a lot of energy, can promote metabolism, enhance the body's fitness to the outside world, but also improve endocrine function, let pituitary function increase so as to improve resistance.People who swim a lot have a good body resistance and are not easy to catch cold.

2. To lose weight

Swimming is a fierce sport, and the heat transfer rate of water is faster than that of air, that is to say, people will lose heat in the water quickly, and a lot of heat will be consumed in swimming.Those extra pounds will quietly disappear.But every time swims the time should be in 40 minutes above, just begin to burn adipose.

3. Improve bone mass

Swimming has been shown to improve bone mass by professional studies, so if you want to keep your bones healthy, you might as well do it.

4. Enhance cardiac function

Swimming can enhance the function of our heart muscle, because when we swim, all the organs of the body need to participate in, and consume more energy.This improves blood circulation and provides more nutrients to the organs.Regular swimming strengthens our heart muscle, thickens the walls of blood vessels, and makes them more elastic. Swimming also helps the heart a lot.

5. Relieve exercise asthma

While swimming, people can breathe more moist air, so it can improve respiratory function very well. Therefore, swimming can relieve asthma symptoms and fundamentally improve lung health.

Beauty and skin care

Swimming is in the water, the long-term humidity of the environment is high, the skin is very good moisture and maintenance.Swimming can let the skin have sufficient moisture maintenance, but also can have the benefit of massage effect to the skin, has certain benefit to protect the skin.

I believe that after you read the above introduction, can you lose weight swimming has some understanding, in addition to the article also introduced the benefits of swimming, I hope the above content can help you.

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