Diabetes is more harmful to women

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Diabetes is a major risk factor for heart disease. A recent multi-agency joint study in the United States has confirmed that diabetes is significantly more harmful to women’s health than men. The risk of heart disease for female sugar friends is twice that of men. Not only does it occur earlier than men, The mortality rate after an attack is also higher than that of men.


A joint research team from the University of Colorado and the University of Texas explored the reasons why women are more "fear" of diabetes. They found that the lethality of the disease on women mainly exists in two aspects. 1. Physiological differences. Unlike male patients, many women who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes actually have heart disease, or have various risk factors for heart disease such as high blood fat, high blood pressure, abdominal obesity and abnormal blood vessel function. When diabetes is first diagnosed, women’s body fat indicators are usually significantly higher than men’s, and systemic inflammation indicators are also higher. 2. Treatment differences. Survey data shows that within one year after the diagnosis of diabetes, female patients are 10% less likely to take cholesterol-lowering drugs than men, and the probability of taking other cardioprotective drugs is also about 7% lower. In addition, the overall effectiveness of female patients in controlling blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and controlling tobacco and alcohol is lower than that of male patients.

Researcher Dr. Regensteiner suggested that female diabetic patients should pay more attention to their health, go to the hospital for regular check-ups, and while actively cooperating with treatment, they should also exercise more proactively than male patients to prevent cardiovascular disease. .

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