Eating too much watermelon in summer is easy to damage the spleen and stomach

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In midsummer, when the weather is hot, watermelon has become a favorite delicacy for many people. Many people especially like to put the watermelon in the freezer before eating it. Cold watermelon tastes cooler and cooler, but should not eat too much, eating too much will cause harm to people's health, serious people will cause illness.


First of all, eating ice watermelon, easy to cause pharyngitis or toothache. Watermelon is cold and sweet. After being refrigerated at low temperature, the water inside the flesh will often turn into ice crystals. When eaten, the mouth will be suddenly stimulated, resulting in rapid cooling of salivary glands and tongue taste nerves, periodontal nerves, and sometimes even paralysis. This will not only reduce the crunchy, sweet taste of the watermelon, but also irritate the throat, causing pharyngitis or toothache and other side effects.

Secondly, eating more frozen watermelon will also hurt the spleen and stomach, causing indigestion. Especially for the elderly with decreased digestive function, eating frozen watermelon is easy to cause anorexia, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases. Deficient cold of spleen and stomach, indigestion, defecate is slippery the person that defecate should eat less also, eat more can abdominal distension, diarrhoea, appetite drops, still can accumulate cold to help wet.

Again, the female should not eat ice watermelon during menstruation. Once you eat cold food, the blood will be stimulated by the change of temperature, which will cause poor circulation, easy to produce blood clots, causing menstrual pain, irregular menstruation, etc..

In addition, patients with renal insufficiency should not eat cold watermelon. Do not say ice watermelon, is the normal temperature of the state of watermelon also eat less appropriate. For patients with renal insufficiency, a short time, a large number of eating watermelon, can make the body moisture increased rapidly, more than the body's physiological capacity of patients with renal insufficiency of the regulation ability of water drops greatly, the excessive moisture inside the body, not out of the body in time, lead to blood volume increase rapidly, easy to induce acute heart failure, severe cases can lead to death.

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