How does blood pressure low giddy do the fastest most effective

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Low blood pressure is a disease that is becoming increasingly common among people, both young and old.Heavy people may feel dizzy, light people can choose tonic for relief.So how does blood pressure low giddy do the fastest most effective?Let's learn about the below.


How does blood pressure low giddy do the fastest most effective

1. Replenish water and salt

For patients with hypotension and dizziness, timely water and salt can be added. An appropriate amount of salt can raise blood pressure, while water can increase blood volume. Both can relieve hypotension and dizziness, but it should be noted that excessive salt should not be added.

2. Massage for relief

When found because of low blood pressure and bowed head cause dizziness, pay attention to the first dizzy person to move to a safe place, it is best to sit quietly with the stool above to prevent wrestling.The 100 that can massage giddy person right now will acupoint will alleviate giddy symptom.The acupuncture point is located on the top of the skull, in a flat circle with the ear.By massaging this acupoint, you can unclog the meridians and help blood circulation, increasing blood supply to the brain.

3. Replenish iron

Iron is the main medium to produce energy of human body. It is responsible for the important task of transporting oxygen to human organs and muscles.If the human body lacks iron, it makes people feel dizzy and weak.Often eat a few adzis, black bean or soya bean, the iron that can complement human body is qualitative, can improve exhaustion effectively, limp condition.

4. Chew ginger

If found to have symptoms of dizziness, you can immediately take some ginger feed to dizziness, first help the dizzy person to sit down to avoid vertigo fall caused by a second injury, then feed ginger, to get up again after getting better.Ginger can help temporarily raise blood pressure in the body and increase blood pressure supply to the brain.

5. Get more exercise

For patients with low blood pressure dizziness should timely increase physical exercise, for patients with low blood pressure dizziness constantly enhance physical quality can solve the problem of low blood pressure dizziness, for mental workers physical exercise can not only enhance the constitution can also relax the brain, is a good way to rest.

6. Medication

When the blood pressure is low, it can be taken orally, also can be taken orally sugar saline, when necessary can also be intravenous infusion crystal, in serious cases can also be given dilatation treatment, 706 generation of plasma is generally used.When the blood pressure is low, it is easy to cause the insufficiency of cerebral blood supply. When the blood supply of vertebrobasilar artery system is insufficient, the patients can have the symptoms and signs of cerebellar stem ischemia and hypoxia, which can be manifested as dizziness, nausea and vomiting, as well as balance disorder and ataxia.

How to do low blood pressure giddy the quickest and most effective introduced here for everybody, the content that hopes to share today can help to everybody.

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