How does high blood sugar drop

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Blood sugar is the basic requirement for diabetes, but patients with elevated blood sugar may not necessarily have diabetes, and may also have high blood sugar.So how does high blood sugar get down?Let's take a look.


How does high blood sugar drop

1.Watch how much you eat

Don't eat too much at every meal, because the starch will turn into glucose, causing the patient's blood sugar to rise sharply, resulting in unstable blood sugar.Therefore, you should eat less at every meal, and you can eat as many meals as you like, which also helps stabilize your blood sugar.

2. Do cardio

Proper aerobic exercise can help us effectively lower blood sugar, because proper exercise can help us consume blood sugar. Developing a moderate and constant exercise habit is also important for blood sugar control.Exercise can not only promote energy consumption and weight loss;At the same time, it also helps to reduce neutral fat and low density cholesterol, and improve high density cholesterol.

3. Self-relaxation and emotional regulation relaxation exercises

Such as deep breathing and relaxing muscles with relaxing music can help relieve stress and make hypoglycemic treatment more effective.Learning to regulate emotions and enhance the sense of self-efficacy, so as to overcome the fear, negative and other negative state of mind after the disease, is also conducive to the control of blood sugar.

4. Reduce staple food intake

The staple food generally contains a large number of carbohydrates, which will produce a variety of sugars after digestion and decomposition, increasing blood sugar.So three meals to reduce staple food appropriately, eat more vegetables and lean meat, fish and so on.Reducing calorie intake can also effectively control weight and avoid hyperglycemia caused by obesity.

5. Adjust medication

Increase the dosage, increase the number of times or add another hypoglycemic drug. Although exercise and diet adjustment methods are economical and have few side effects, when these methods fail to achieve the ideal level of blood sugar, it will prompt us to adjust the medication.Drugs can indeed treat high blood sugar more quickly and effectively than the first two methods.

6. Eat less refined grain and more coarse grain

The refined grains are processed layer by layer, leaving only the digestible parts. After eating, the carbohydrates are quickly broken down into sugars, which speeds up blood sugar levels.Roughage is generally not easy to digest, and will stay in the stomach for more time to gradually digest, so that the blood sugar will maintain a relative balance, not a rapid increase.

Tips: Hyperglycemia is one of the most common modern chronic diseases. Once symptoms of hyperglycemia are found, bad eating habits and lifestyle should be changed immediately and carbohydrate intake should be controlled.

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