How does menses amount recuperate the most effective little

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The female often has the symptom with menstruation little, but often time is long, we did not care, actually menstruation quantity wants seasonable recuperation less, just beneficial female body health, so how does menstruation quantity recuperate the most effective?Let's see.


How does menses amount recuperate the most effective little

1. Stay in the mood

Too much psychological pressure will also cause a decrease in menstrual volume, the need to adjust the state of mind, keep a good mood, to alleviate the situation of menstrual volume is also very helpful.

2. Watch your diet

About a week before menstruation comes tide, female should abstain from eating raw and cold, pungent and excitant food, can drink water more, ingest the food that is rich in cellulose, maintain defecate unobtrusive.Menstruation can be by drinking brown sugar water conditioning the body.

3. Replenish iron

Iron deficiency can cause iron deficiency anemia, also can cause the occurrence of menstruation.Eat more iron food, such as black chicken, prawns, animal liver, mussels, black beans, sea cucumber and other food.

4. Keep warm

In addition to do not eat raw and cold food, menstrual volume less women had better contact with cold water, especially in the menstrual period do not take cold showers.Usually in the air - conditioned room sitting for a long time, it is best to wear a thin blanket, pay attention to keep warm to avoid catching cold.

5.Pay attention to hygiene

Women should pay attention to the daily cleaning of the external genitalia, especially in the period should pay attention to timely cleaning the perineum, to prevent infection.Choose soft, cotton, ventilated and breathable underwear with good performance, and wash and change frequently, change the underwear to be put in the sun to dry.Don't have sex during your period.

6. Eliminate fatigue

If the body is overworked, the function of the body's organs will be affected and the metabolism will be adversely affected.Therefore, during menstruation, women should avoid intense and long-term exercise, pay attention to rest, ensure sleep, live a regular schedule, avoid staying up late.

Menstrual quantity is little how does recuperate the most effective to be introduced here for everybody, besides, the female with menstrual quantity less pays attention to daily and appropriate exercise even, can do the exercise with moderate amount of exercise such as gymnastical exercise, broadcast gymnastics more, can enhance physique, improve endocrine problem.

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