How does summer indigestion grow blain easily?

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Recipe name: Lotus leaf hawthorn soup

Ingredients: 1 lotus leaf, 8 fresh hawthorn, 3 black plum, semen coicis 50 grams, rock sugar, water right amount.


1. Clean the fresh lotus leaf and cut it into small pieces. After cleaning the hawthorn, cut it in half, dig out the seeds inside the hawthorn and use them as reserves.

2. Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, put it into semen coicis, then bring it to a boil, turn to a low fire and cook for 10 minutes, then add lotus leaf, hawthorn and plum and continue to boil for 20-30 minutes;

3, add the right amount of rock sugar seasoning, stir until the sugar is completely melted, then turn off the heat to cool and drink.


Warm tips:

First, eat hawthorn and hawthorn piece difference is very big

A lot of people feel hawkthorn too sour, tooth cannot stand, so does the processing thing hawkthorn that eats hawkthorn piece have use? Hawkthorn is a kind of fruit, its contain rich vitamin and mineral substance and dietary fiber, but hawkthorn piece is the food after food industry processing, artificially added a large number of sugar, in the process of processing at the same time, the dietary fiber of hawkthorn and vitamin have bigger loss. Accordingly, when appetite is indolent, the hawthorn piece that eats a bit sweet and sour and delicious is harmless, nevertheless food god does not suggest everybody eats much, especially the crowd that reduces weight, should not eat more more.

Second, when "phlegm and blood stasis" meet acne, clearing damp spleen is the key

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that when there is "phlegm and blood stasis", it may be caused by a variety of circumstances, such as the spleen is not healthy, kidney qi is insufficient, body fluid cannot be normally transported, or lung gas is blocked, the channel cannot be adjusted, then the tricoke gasification loses division, the excess liquid can not be discharged out of the body, the water stays wet and accumulates, can not be used... However, people with phlegm-stasis constitution usually have excess water in the body, unhealthy spleen and stomach, plus hot summer weather, more heat in the body, loss of appetite, plus indigestion, water and wet hoarding, which is more likely to accelerate the growth of acne. People with phlegm stasis constitution are not easy to discharge due to the accumulation of "phlegm" (Chinese medicine refers to the metabolism of all the waste) in the body, often long acne performance is hard and big, red and swollen, and there is purulent phenomenon.

Under such circumstances, it is very necessary to choose the food to strengthen spleen and dissolve dampness for symptomatic treatment. Hawthorn mild temperature, taste sweet acid, into the spleen, stomach, liver, can be xiaoshi accumulation, diffused blood stasis, tapeworm, xiaoshi jianwei, qi disperses blood stasis, for indigestion, too much meat for the crowd, not only can help digestion, but also appetizing solution greasy. Fresh lotus leaves are cold and cool in taste, with the effects of relieving heat and dampness, strengthening spleen and raising Yang, and dispersing blood stasis and stanching. Because of the heavy cold, lotus leaves are usually best eaten with some warm food. Hawthorn can not only effectively alleviate the cold and cool properties, but also double the effect of dispersing blood stasis. At the same time, lotus leaf and semen coicis are good ingredients for water removal, which is very effective for people with heavier water in the body.

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