How does summer often feel sleepy to do?

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Because it is hot in summer, the most important thing we should do is how to deal with sleepiness. How do you perk up in the summer? In fact, in the summer to eat more of these seven foods can prevent sleepy Oh!

1, eat bananas, oranges and other foods containing potassium

Fatigue in summer is associated with low potassium in the body, and people tend to sweat more in hot days. Besides sodium, there is potassium in sweat. Hot weather, people's appetite will also decline, from the food intake of potassium will be less. Additional, the participation that needs potassium when energy metabolizes inside body, so work intensity is big, the consumption of potassium also is big. These factors lead to a low potassium content in summer.


Eating oranges can really cure summer fatigue. Because orange contains rich potassium, can fill potassium for human body, and orange is sour, can refresh oneself already, can appetite again. If you have a good appetite and your intake of food is abundant, you will absorb enough potassium. Orange peel also contains flavone, new pericarp glucoside, citrus flavin, hesperidin and other components, with anti-hypoxia, anti-fatigue effect. So use orange peel to soak water to drink, also can have very good effect.

Go out, if inconvenient eat orange, buy juice directly, wait like orange juice, grape juice, because these juice contain potassium element.

In fresh vegetables, fungus (such as tricholoma, fresh tricholoma, etc.), bean bean, radish, cauliflower, day-lily, bitter gourd, pumpkin, towel gourd, rape, spinach, amaranth, celery and other potassium content is relatively high.

Bananas have the highest potassium content of any fruit. In addition, the fruit in season now, wait like cherry, apricot, litchi, strawberry contain potassium very rich also.

Seafood is also an important source of potassium, such as kelp, seaweed, sea fish, shrimp skin and so on.

In the summer, can also eat some nuts, such as peanuts, walnuts, pistachios, to supplement the loss of potassium. Of course, also can drink some mung bean soup more, one beat the heat to drop in temperature, 2 can complement potassium element.

In addition, after human body is sweating in a great deal, also can add a few beverages that contain potassium, sodium ion, but do not drink excessive plain boiled water or candy water immediately, prevent haemal potassium to reduce too much.

2. Eat mushrooms

Eating 200 grams of mushrooms will do the same to your body as spending two days in the sun. Mushrooms are rich in vitamin D, eat them regularly, can play a role in fighting fatigue.

3. Eat carrots and beets

People who are constantly tired have low levels of iron in their blood. Vegetables such as carrots and beets are not only high in iron, they are also easily absorbed by the body.

4, eat ginger

The spicy taste of ginger causes the body to heat up from the inside and boosts immune function. Both candied ginger and ginger have detoxification, refreshing and anti-fatigue effects.

It's normal to feel sleepy and sleepy in the summer, so if you want to avoid feeling sleepy and not feel sleepy at work, you can bring some of these foods to refresh your mind.

Eat edamame

The potassium in edamame is rich, summer can eat more appropriately, boil edamame with brine for instance or use edamame to cook dish, can alleviate not only languid, still can appetite, complement physical strength. Edamame is a immature soybean whose nutrients are more easily absorbed and utilized. Edamob needs iron in its growth and also stores iron. It is not only high in iron, but also easy to absorb. It is an excellent food source for children, the elderly and women to supplement iron and prevent anemia. Edamame beans are also high in calcium.

6. Dairy products are essential to the body

It's best to eat at least one dairy product per meal. Milk provides a good source of calcium, which is essential for strong bones.

If you can't sleep, drink a cup of warm milk: Its tryptophan promotes the formation of 5-hydroxytryptamine, a substance that helps the brain regulate sleep.

Dairy products provide you with protein, vitamins and calcium without being too high in fat. In addition, insomnia, every night before going to bed half an hour to drink a cup of warm milk, conducive to sleep.

7. Replenish water regularly

Water is important for homeostasis. It transports nutrients, mineral salts and vitamins, promotes internal exchange, and ensures the excretion of waste...

All symptoms of dehydration (not just in the heat season) are characterized by diminished physical strength, decreased physical resilience, and increased fatigue. To do this, drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day, in small amounts and repeatedly, and don't wait until you are thirsty.

It's normal to feel sleepy and sleepy in the summer, so if you want to avoid feeling sleepy and not feel sleepy at work, you can bring some of these foods to refresh your mind.

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