How many blood glucose measurements does a diabetic person need every day?

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Monitoring blood sugar is something that many people with diabetes need to do, and some people with diabetes don’t know that they need to monitor blood sugar several times a day. In fact, how many times a person with diabetes needs to monitor blood sugar a day is determined by different patients, different diabetes The number of times a person monitors blood sugar also varies.


How many times do people with diabetes monitor blood sugar every day?

1. Patients who adopt lifestyle intervention

If it is just a diabetic who adopts a lifestyle intervention, only three days of fasting and postprandial blood glucose monitoring are needed a week.

2. Patients using oral hypoglycemic drugs

If the glycated hemoglobin index of the patient reaches the target during the use of oral hypoglycemic drugs, three days of fasting blood glucose check and three days of postprandial blood glucose check can be performed every week, but if there are some special conditions, such as stress or When the low blood sugar channel appears, the frequency of blood glucose monitoring should be increased, and blood glucose monitoring should be performed in the middle of the night when low blood sugar often occurs in the middle of the night.

3. Patients who inject mixed insulin

Patients undergoing this type of treatment need to have a daily fasting check and a blood sugar check before dinner. These two time periods of check can let themselves know the blood sugar situation, and adjust the insulin dosage according to the detected blood sugar situation.

4, patients who have injected basal insulin

If you only use basal insulin for treatment, you only need to monitor blood glucose three times a week and the blood glucose monitoring on fasting, after breakfast and dinner if the blood glucose reaches the standard before going to bed, and if the blood sugar does not meet the standard, it needs to be monitored every week Perform a three-day abdominal examination and follow up every two weeks.

5. Intensive insulin therapy

Diabetics undergoing intensive insulin therapy need to monitor their blood glucose about 7 times a day during the initial treatment phase, that is, daily fasting blood glucose, blood glucose before and after three meals, and blood glucose blood glucose monitoring. In addition, if there are symptoms of hypoglycemia, blood glucose needs to be monitored at any time Monitor, and wait until the blood sugar is stable, you can change to monitor blood sugar about 2 to 4 times a day, including fasting and blood sugar before going to bed, and when necessary, monitor blood sugar after meals.

Warm reminder, diabetics should decide their blood glucose monitoring frequency according to their own treatment and blood sugar status. Since each diabetic has different conditions, the blood sugar monitoring situation is also different. In addition, diabetics also need to know every certain period of time. It requires regular follow-up visits, and only regular follow-up visits can allow doctors to adjust medications and other treatment methods based on blood sugar.

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