How to exercise shoulder muscles?

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Shoulder muscles exercise method is a lot of, and the shoulder exercise method exercise effect is not the same, some methods are good, some methods are general, the shoulder muscles exercise method what, I believe that someone still knows.So, how do you work your shoulder muscles?What are the methods?Let's take a look at it!

One, how to exercise shoulder muscle

1.Arnold pushes his shoulders in sitting position: With a dumbbell in each hand, sit up straight with the dumbbell raised to shoulder position, palms facing you;Then do a dumbbell lift and begin rotating your wrist so that when the dumbbell is at its highest point, palm facing forward;Pause at the highest point, then lower the dumbbell in the opposite direction.

2. Row the dumbbells upright: with your head straight and your chest straight, pull the dumbbells up to your shoulders, always close to your body, and keep your elbows high.Continue pulling upward until the dumbbells reach or slightly higher.

3. Leaning over dumbbell bird: lift the bell with two hands to the two sides, as high as possible to the shoulders above the line, pause, and then slowly fall back, repeated practice.This is the posterior deltoid fasciculus.

Second, the importance of shoulder muscles

In many technical sports, the shoulder muscles play a major role in basic movement and joint stability. Breaststrokers, for example, rely mainly on the latissimus dorsi muscles in the upper back.Volleyball players use the supraspinatus muscle of the rotator cuff to slow down their arms after a smash, which also prevents shoulder injuries.There is no doubt that athletes should train to strengthen their muscles, strengthen their joints, reduce the chance of injury and improve their performance in competitions.

As you can imagine, the athletes' body is like a movement of each part of the chain of a movement is closely related to other parts of the whole, big muscle group of motive force of the energy is converted into other muscle groups, from head to toe, even each finger is interlinked, leg strength through the hips, trunk, shoulders and arms, hands finally arrived.

The shoulder joint is the most important part of the whole chain. If a shoulder is injured, a player will be unable to complete many moves and put himself at greater risk of injury.Progressive torso training and physical training are essential to the overall performance of athletes.

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