It's better to work out a few times a week?

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Schwarzenegger's fitness plan is to work out six times a week and take only one day off a week.Today's bodybuilders are a little tougher, sometimes doing it twice a day.Inspired by how hard these bodybuilders work, some fitness enthusiasts decide to learn from them and practice six times a week.In fact, such crazy fitness frequency is not suitable for ordinary people, do not imitate.Professional bodybuilders can do this for several reasons, but not for ordinary people:

1.Physical fitness

Professional bodybuilders do not start out with such intense training. They often have been training for several years, and their bodies are far more capable than the average person.

2. Different recovery levels

Professional bodybuilders, who spend most of their time training, supplementation, and rest, can recover quickly.In addition to fitness, ordinary people also have various trifles such as work and life, which will consume a lot of energy and even produce a lot of mental pressure. The recovery time of ordinary people cannot be compared with that of professional bodybuilders.

3. drug

Most bodybuilders use drugs that not only make their muscles grow faster, but also allow them to recover faster and train tirelessly, like blood pumping, which is not something that the average bodybuilder can have.

To average gymnastic person, suggest a week 2 ~ 3 times train can.Generally speaking, for a certain part of the body or a certain muscle, the training interval should be more than 48 hours.If you train hard, even rest for 72 hours.Give your body enough rest to achieve optimal results and performance.

Actually, practice a few times a week depending on your personal status and goals:

1.increase muscle

If you're building muscle, don't do it more than three times a week.If you're a fitness freak and in great physical shape, feel free.In addition to fitness, ordinary people have all kinds of things to do, nutritional supplements may not be so professional, so enough rest time is necessary.Get your body back in shape so you can focus on your next workout instead of limping through the next one.

2. reduce fat

If you're trying to lose fat, increase the frequency of your workouts by 3 to 4 times a week.You still need to get enough rest, because your body is especially vulnerable to injury when it's tired.Sometimes slower, but faster to reach the goal, more haste, less speed.

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