It's good to sweat more?

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Some sports enthusiasts believe that the more you sweat, the more effective your workout will be, which is a lack of scientific evidence.First of all, why do people sweat?With what factor does perspire how much have a concern?

Human thermogenesis mainly includes basal metabolic thermogenesis, dynamic effect of food thermogenesis, muscle activity thermogenesis, and chestnut and non-chestnut thermogenesis.When the body is at rest, the liver and other internal organs are the main heat-producing organs in the body.Muscle does not produce much heat when it is quiet, but the metabolism of muscle is enhanced when it is in motion, which results in a significant increase in heat production. As a result of a large amount of heat production and temperature rise in the body, the heat generated by exercise may be more than ten times that generated when it is quiet.

Increase the natural requirement of the thermal heat generation also should be enhanced, the human body is mainly to send out quantity of heat through the skin, the skin how send out quantity of heat radiation, conduction, convection and evaporation four, sweating is one of the important ways of the human body heat, is a way of body temperature regulation, it also is important mode of the human body by evaporation keep stable temperature.To increase heat loss, the skin's blood vessels dilate, blood flow speeds up, and blood flow to the skin increases, leading to a massive increase in sweating.

Whether or not the body sweats easily and how much it sweats is related to environmental temperature and humidity (different hot and cold stimuli), the state of the body at that time (water loss, posture, clothing, mood, etc.), skin temperature, blood flow and blood flow speed and other factors.For example, people tend to sweat more in summer than in winter, which is caused by the difference in ambient temperature.There are also genetic factors, gender and age differences that affect how much you sweat.For example, the activity of human sweat glands is different. Generally, women have more sweat glands than men, but men's sweat glands are more active than women's.Additional, the individual difference between same sex is very big also, some people humoral is more, sweat gland is more active, when moving, sweat can be more, on the contrary sweat is little.

In a word, sweating is not the standard to judge whether exercise has achieved the effect, should be based on the purpose of exercise, the use of the exercise mode, exercise time and exercise intensity and the body's adaptation to a comprehensive assessment of the situation.

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