Lose weight, choose running or strength training?

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Losing weight has become the goal of modern urbanites.

For thinness, beauty, and health.And although method reducing weight is numerous and numerous, want to say healthy, motion reducing weight must be first choice.

But how to exercise?Is running better, or is strength training more effective?

Today, the International Lifting Federation strength and Fitness Branch helps you choose from the following three aspects.

01 The purpose of losing weight

First of all, there is no doubt that both exercises will ultimately achieve the goal of losing fat.So what's your goal in losing fat?

Want a good number on the scale?Or is it to make your body more curvy and attractive?

Let's look at the difference between the two.

Running is aerobic training, which means that running will help you burn fat. As long as you run for an hour every day, the effect of burning fat is still very good, which will definitely help you lose weight.

However, with the strengthening of training intensity, the body will actively break down protein to provide energy, which is muscle loss, when muscle sugar and fat are both provided with energy and cannot be adequately supplied.As a result, the fat goes down, and so does the muscle.

So if we look at the runner's figure, it's slim, but it's shriveled, it's not muscular.

Strength training, on the other hand, increases muscle strength and circumference during fat burning, making muscles firmer and more graceful.You can develop a nice butt, waistline or abs to give your figure a bump and shape an S-shaped curve.

So, if you simply want to lose fat and not build muscle, running is for you.If you want to have a more attractive body, you can't go wrong with strength training!

02 The rate of rebound after fat reduction

After losing weight of any kind, the circumstance that can have rebound appears.Once you've lost weight, get back on your diet and believe that the rebound will happen faster than you think, and exercise is no exception.

When you run to lose weight, your muscles will lose and your metabolism will decrease. If you don't control your diet, your body will absorb and digest it more easily and bounce back quickly.

If you lose weight through strength training, you gain more muscle mass and lose less body fat.People who have a lot of muscle can effectively inhibit fat storage, and muscle itself burns calories as it recovers, synthesizes and grows, which is the advantage of building muscle.

But that doesn't mean you can go back to your normal diet right away. Just slowly increase your diet, gradually transition to a normal diet and work out 2-3 times a week.

03 How is your health

Running, as we all know, is a relatively knee - damaging sport.Especially for people who have too much weight loss.Without adequate warming up and stretching, knee and shin splints or calf muscles can easily develop.

But with strength training, the extra muscle can help protect the joints and prevent bone injuries.In the case of the knee joint, there are many muscles around it, such as quadriceps and hamstrings, which are important muscle groups to maintain the stability of the knee joint, so increasing strength training of these muscle groups will increase the stability of the knee joint.

And there are a variety of options for strength training for those who have too much weight.Such as rowing, bench press and other movements, can avoid excessive weight caused by knee injuries.

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