Symptoms and treatments of male kidney deficiency

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Symptoms of renal deficiency in men include low back pain, insomnia and dreams, polyuria at night, and chills in limbs. So, how should men's kidney deficiency be regulated?

Symptoms of kidney deficiency in men

1. Low back pain

Many people don't know that low back pain is actually one of the symptoms of a man's kidney deficiency, and low back pain can also be divided into internal injuries and strains. In general, patients with internal injury and kidney deficiency are mostly caused by internal congenital deficiency, chronic illness or excessive fatigue. Patients with mild symptoms may have difficulty bending or standing upright, and if the condition is severe, they may also experience heel pain and waist weakness.


2 insomnia and dreams

If men suffer from long-term insomnia and dreaminess, it is that the kidneys are at work. At this time, you should pay attention that kidney deficiency is endangering your health. As one of the important organs of the human body, the kidney nourishes and warms other organs. If other organs remain unhealed for a long time, it is easy to damage the kidneys.

3. Polyuria at night

Urinary urgency and frequent urination are not all prostate problems, because kidney deficiency can also lead to frequent urination. It can be said that frequent urination is also one of the reasons for men’s kidney deficiency. Generally speaking, patients with nocturia frequency more than 2 times, or urine output more than 1/4 of the whole day belong to people with kidney deficiency, and some serious cases will also have nocturia once an hour, and the urine output is close to or exceeds the daytime urine. At this time, we must pay special attention to the situation of the quantity.

4, body chills

Many men experience chills in their limbs. Even when the weather is relatively warm now, many men will feel abnormally cold even if the weather is relatively warm now. At this time, men should pay attention. It is very likely that you already have kidney deficiency. The so-called "cold limbs" refers to the symptoms of cold limbs, hands and feet, even to the elbows and knees.

5, asthma

As for the symptoms of kidney deficiency in men, asthma is also one of the manifestations, because the kidneys have the function of "absorbing qi". If the kidney is weak, it will not have the effect of inhaling breath. At this time, it will cause shortness of breath and shortness of breath. Exhale more and less, this time will make you feel difficult to breathe. If the condition is serious, it will be accompanied by symptoms such as increased panting and cold sweats.

How to regulate male kidney deficiency

1. Hold solid

Stretch out your hands, buckle the thumb of Chang's first hand in the palm of your hand, with the tip of your finger at the root of your ring finger (that is, the fourth finger of your finger), then bend the other four fingers, apply a little bit of force, and hold your thumb firmly! The strength should not be too large, just a little bit of strength.

A firm grip can hold the spirit in the body, and it can be firm when walking, riding in a car, chatting, watching TV.

2. Heel lift

When raising the heels, the five toes grip the ground, the legs are brought together, the levator anus is retracted, the shoulders are lowered, the spine is erected, and the Baihui upper collar is erected; when the feet are bent down, the body relaxes, gently clenching your teeth, first slowly falling halfway, then Shock the ground slightly. Heel lift can pull the bladder and kidney meridians of the waist and back legs, and lightly shake the ground can massage the internal organs.

3. Soak your feet in hot water

The most suitable time to soak your feet is 7-9 o'clock every night, which is the time when the blood and qi and blood of the kidney meridian are the weakest. At this time, soaking feet and massaging can improve blood circulation throughout the body and achieve the purpose of nourishing the kidneys and liver. The container for foot bath is preferably a wooden basin. Foot bath should not be too hot; about 40℃ is appropriate. Soak your feet should not be too long, 15-30 minutes is appropriate.

4. Walk with your heels

Nowadays, people are more and more aware of the benefits of walking. At night, we will see a lot of people doing walking exercises, but the correct way to walk is to take a big step. The heel must be on the ground first and be careful not to bend your knees! When the leg moves forward, pay attention to the toe straightening as if kicking a ball. When the front leg touches the ground, the back foot is on tiptoe.

The heel touches the ground first, which actually stimulates the "Kidney Meridian" acupoints. Frequent walking in this way can effectively prevent osteoporosis.

5. Three-element station pile

Separate your feet, shoulder-width apart, put your hands forward from both sides of your body in front of your abdomen, and place your arms at the same height as the navel, with your arms rounded; at the same time, bend your knees slightly, and your weight will sink. The knee joints opened slightly to the sides. The crotch should be round; the back should be slightly arched, the chest should be covered, and the back should be pulled out, so that the waist and back should be slightly arched back, and the Mingmen point should be opened. In this way, the front and back, the left and right, and the top and bottom are all round, and the whole person looks very round. This is a basic method to replenish vitality. Frequent treatment can make the kidneys abundant and strong.

6, Moshen

Sit with your legs on the edge of the bed, rub your palms together until the palms of your hands become hot, press on the back and waist, and massage the kidney points on the back and back until you feel the heat. It can be repeated in the morning and evening, about 200 times each time, to invigorate the kidney and qi.

7. Take a deep breath

When taking deep breaths, choose a fresh air environment and try to inhale through your nose. Keep breathing soft, slow, even, and deep. Take 6 deep breaths as a group. Then settle down the adjustment, you can do it again. Chinese medicine says: The lung governs exhalation, and the kidney governs the absorption of breath. It is recorded in the "Huang Di Nei Jing" that people with chronic kidney disease can relax facing south at Yin Shi, lean back, hit the wall with the entire back, use moderate force, and use the reaction force of the impact to restore the body to an upright position. This is repeated every time. Flick about 30 times. You can do it 2 to 3 times a day. The back bump function strengthens the waist and kidneys, clears the meridians, circulates qi and blood, and calms yin and yang.

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