The most practical food to relieve summer heat

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The summer is hot, reduce the heat is must do things, with diet to achieve this goal is very convenient and easy, especially the need for outdoor homework friends more necessary to study the relevant knowledge, the following small make up to introduce some of the effects of cooling the heat of food.


1. Banana: sweet taste, cold nature, can clear heat and detoxify, moisten the intestine, suitable for constipation.

Banana is one of the fruits that people love, European because it can remove melancholy and call it "happy fruit", and banana still is the good fruit that girls love to reduce weight. Bananas are also known as the "fruit of wisdom". It is said that The Buddha, Sakyamuni, gained wisdom by eating bananas. Banana nutrition is tall, quantity of heat is low, contain call "the salt of wisdom" phosphorous, have rich protein, candy, potassium, vitamin A and C again, prandial fiber is much also at the same time, it is quite good nutrition food.

From the perspective of nutrition, banana is rich in starch beneficial fruit, (therefore should not eat more, easy to get fat) and from the medical point of view to analyze, banana sweet sex cold, can clear heat run intestines, promote gastrointestinal perimotility, but spleen deficiency diarrhea should not be. Everything always has reasonable explanation, banana sex is cold, according to "hot person is cold of" principle, suit dry and hot person best to enjoy. Hemorrhoid haemorrhage, because of hot and dry and cause fetal unrest, can eat banana meat raw.

Nevertheless, because banana sex is cold, constitution is partial at deficient cold person, had better avoid auspicious. For example, stomach cold (weak stomach distension), cold (diarrhea, easy to dizzy), nephritis (also belongs to cold and weak), pregnant foot swelling, it is best not to eat raw bananas. Eat only when your banana meat has been steamed and cooled down. As for the cold cough should not eat bananas, but the banana steamed before eating, is acceptable.

2, watermelon: sweet, cold, return to the heart, stomach, bladder, can relieve heat, in addition to relieve thirst, diuresis.

Watermelon fruit is the main fruit in summer. The flesh of ripe fruits contains 5 ~ 12% sugar, including glucose, fructose and sucrose, in addition to plenty of water. The sweetness increased with the increase of sucrose in the later stage of maturation. Without starch, sweetness decreases during postharvest storage due to hydrolysis of disaccharides to monosaccharides. The seeds can be used as tea, and the rind can be processed into watermelon paste. In Traditional Chinese medicine to melon juice and peel as medicine, function of heat - clearing antipyretic.

Known as the king of melons, because in the Han Dynasty from the Western regions introduced, so called watermelon. Watermelon is also an annual herbaceous plant of calabash family, originally from Africa. At present, except for a few remote and cold areas, it is cultivated all over The country, with sweet and cold fruit taste.

Watermelon is the typical fruit of summer, is also the main fruit of summer, in hot summer or sultry tropical night, as long as there is frozen watermelon, will have the effect of eliminating the heat. The flesh of watermelon has the functions of clearing away heat and relieving heat, relieving thirst, benefiting urination, relieving alcohol poison and so on. It is used to treat all fever, heat and thirst, adverse urination, sore throat, oral inflammation and drunkenness. Watermelon rind is used to treat nephritis edema, liver disease jaundice, diabetes. Watermelon seed has the function of clearing lung moisten lung, and in quench thirst, aid digestion, can treat vomiting blood, long cough. Seed shell is used to treat intestinal wind blood, blood dysentery.

3, bitter gourd: bitter taste, cold, return to the heart, spleen, stomach, can clear heat and wet, detoxification mingmu.

Balsam pear contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, contains clear fat, weight loss special ingredients, can accelerate detoxification. According to research findings, it also has good hypoglycemic, antiviral and anti-cancer efficacy.

Attending heat stroke, heat thirst, heat boil, excessive heat, dysentery, sore, conjunctivitis, eye swelling pain, carbuncle swelling erysipium, burns, dysuria and other diseases. In addition, balsam pear has a high content of vitamin C, which can prevent scurvy, protect cell membrane, prevent atherosclerosis, improve the stress ability of the body, and protect the heart.

4, amaranth: sweet taste, cool nature, can clear heat and detoxification, tongli two defecate.

Amaranth is rich in calcium, which is easily absorbed by the human body. It can promote the growth of teeth and bones, maintain normal cardiac activity, and prevent muscle spasm (cramps). It is rich in iron, calcium and vitamin K, which can promote blood coagulation, increase hemoglobin content and improve oxygen carrying capacity, promote hematopoietic and other functions. Amaranth or the leading role on the table to reduce weight, often eat can reduce weight light body, promote detoxification, prevent constipation.

Qingrejiedu, Mingmu Liyan amaranth nature taste sweet cool, longer than qingli damp heat, qinggan detoxification, cool blood scattered stasis, for the red and white dysentery caused by damp heat and liver fire caused by the eye red eye pain, sore throat, etc., have a certain auxiliary treatment.

Amaranth sex is cold and cool, Yin Shengyang deficiency constitution, pixu or chronic diarrhea, not edible.

Amaranth and turtle with food, otherwise it will cause poisoning.

After the person of allergic constitution eats amaranth by sunlight illuminate to have plant sunlight sex dermatitis possibly, this disease is more serious, need to pay attention to more.

5. Water bamboo: sweet and cold, return to the lungs and spleen, can clear heat and detoxify, relieve thirst, and relieve constipation.

Zizania latifolia is rich in anti-alcoholic vitamins. The organic nitrogen of fresh water bamboo exists in the state of amino acid, and can provide sulfur element, delicious taste, high nutritional value, easy to be absorbed by the human body. However, since water bamboo contains more oxalic acid, its calcium is not easy to be absorbed by the body.

(1) Diuretic and thirst relieving: Water bamboo, ganhan, slippery and sharp, can not only diuresis and water dispelling, help to treat edema, urination and other diseases, but also can relieve heat and thirst quenching, especially suitable for summer consumption, can clear heat and relieve constipation, in addition to vexing wine, can also remove alcohol poison, cure drunkenness.

(2) Body tonic: Water bamboo contains more carbohydrates, protein, fat, etc., can supplement human nutrition, has the function of strengthening the body.

(3) Water bamboo can retreat jaundice, beneficial to jaundice hepatitis. Used for galactagogue: water bamboo 30 grams, 10 grams through grass, stewed pig feet to eat.

6, Chinese cabbage: sweet taste, flat, return to the intestines and stomach, can relieve heat in addition to annoyance, tongli stomach.

Chinese cabbage is suitable for everyone. It is more suitable for people with chronic habitual constipation, cold and cold, hot cough of lung, inflamed throat, bloating and fever. Apply white cabbage leaf to your face to reduce acne growth on the right. People with diarrhea should avoid eating cabbage. Rotting Chinese cabbage cannot be eaten because the nitrates in the cabbage are converted to toxic nitrites by bacteria. Nitrite can oxidize the low red blood cells in the blood, enrich the methemoglobin, and update the oxygen-carrying capacity. The user will suffer from severe anoxia, causing poisoning, dizziness, headache, nausea, rapid heartbeat, coma, and even life danger.

Chinese cabbage contains rich crude fiber, not only can have embellish intestines, stimulative detoxification action stimulates intestines and stomach to writhe again, stimulative defecate is excreted, the function that helps digestion. Have good effect to prevent bowel cancer.

7, celery: sweet and bitter, cool, return to the liver, stomach, can calm the liver heat, dispel wind and wet.

Parsley contains rich vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and vitamin P, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other mineral content is also more, in addition to protein, mannitol and food fiber and other components.

The leaves and stems also contain apigenin, Berberidin and volatile oil, which can lower blood pressure, lower blood fat and prevent atherosclerosis. To neurasthenia, menstrual disorders, gout, anti-muscle spasm also has a certain role of adjuvant food therapy; It also stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and increases appetite. Especially the elderly, due to small amount of physical activity, little food, water quantity and easy to suffer from dry stool, often eat some celery can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis conducive to defecation.

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