Thyroid nodules to pay attention to what

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The thyroid is a small part of our body, but that doesn't mean it's going to be a quiet part of your life.Some people, especially women, are prone to developing thyroid nodules in middle age.The thyroid nodule itself is not a big deal. In most cases, it just needs more attention in life.Now let's look at the thyroid nodules to pay attention to.


Thyroid nodules to pay attention to what

1. Check on time

If the thyroid nodule is confirmed as benign after examination, there is no need to worry too much, and there are no many taboos on diet, but it is best to go to the hospital for a review within six months to a year, so as to observe the development trend of the nodule at any time.If there is a tendency to deteriorate, it is best to remove it surgically early.However, if the nodules are found to be malignant, consult your doctor promptly for surgery as soon as possible.

2. Develop good living habits and eating habits

Don't overwork yourself in life. It is very important to pay attention to rest.In terms of diet, we should follow the dietary principles of nutrition and health, do not often eat spicy and exciting food.Of course, a moderate amount of exercise can improve the body's immunity, which also has a great help to the recovery of thyroid disease, but also to pay attention to protein and other nutrients.

3. Find the right medicine

A variety of factors may lead to thyroid nodules, easy to head and neck area has been exposed to radiation, long-term pressure too much, endocrine disorders, women's estrogen level disorders, eat too much or too little iodine.Therefore, do not put your phone at the head of your bed when you are sleeping, so as to avoid X-ray exposure of your neck. Of course, it is also important to control your emotions.

4. Keep away from negative factors

Keep away from the damage and interference of harmful chemicals, such as thiocyanates, perchlorates, pesticides, harmful chemical gases, excessive food additives, etc., when these chemicals appear in food, it is easy to induce nodules.Avoid consuming thiocyanate-rich cruciferous foods (such as broccoli, radishes, cabbage, etc.) in large quantities for a short period of time.

5. Postoperative diet

If patients choose to have thyroid nodules surgically removed, they should pay attention to avoid spicy and pungent food and eat more liquid food that is easy to digest.If it is malignant tumor surgery, then after the operation to eat less iodine food, such as seaweed, kelp, celery and other foods try not to eat.

I believe that after reading the above introduction, you have already known what to pay attention to in thyroid nodules. I hope the content I share today can help you.

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