What are the foods that need to be taboo for shingles?

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We know that shingles is a very harmful disease, so patients want to recover as soon as possible, but in addition to treatment, the usual diet is also very important. The occurrence of shingles disease is not particularly rare around us, right? , The occurrence of shingles disease causes terrible harm to our health. For this reason, we must treat this disease in time to avoid delaying the disease. So what is the food that shingles needs to avoid?


Shingles is often referred to as loincloth fire dragon (snake) in Chinese medicine and is a common skin disease. It is caused by the skin infection caused by the herpes zoster virus. Patients with low resistance may cause the virus to grow and reproduce again, causing intense inflammation of the affected nerves and skin. The main cause of shingles is due to our human body's low resistance. The varicella-zoster virus lurking in the posterior root ganglia of the spinal cord multiplies in large numbers, causing herpes zoster and producing blisters. It does not happen after the onset, and it has lasting immunity.

The general herpes zoster has a low-grade fever before the onset, and the whole body will feel weak and the affected skin will feel sensation. The special herpes zoster also has different symptoms. 1. Ocular herpes zoster cornea will be inflamed and there will be severe pain , Mainly appear in the elderly population 2. Ear herpes zoster is more serious may be facial paralysis, earache and external auditory canal herpes 3. Herpes zoster postherpetic neuralgia 4. Other atypical herpes zoster, and the patient's body resistance difference.

Shingles need to avoid food

Shingles should avoid fishy, spicy, toon, and irritating foods. Herpes zoster is caused by the varicella-zoster virus, which generally lurks in the neurons of the posterior root of the spinal cord. However, the body's resistance is low or fatigue, infection, cold and fever, angry and angry, etc., the virus can grow and reproduce, and move along the nerve fibers to the skin, causing intense inflammation of the invaded nerve and skin. The rash is generally unilateral and distributed according to nerve segments. It is composed of clusters of herpes and is accompanied by pain; the older the age, the worse the neuralgia. This disease is called herpes zoster in modern medicine, and it is called snake bile sore in folk, loincloth. At present, there are many clinical treatment methods. To achieve good results and prevent sequelae and recurrence, it is important to determine the treatment method and medication according to the specific situation.

Shingles is a common skin disease. After one attack, there will be no recurrence. The immunity time is long, but the attack time varies slowly. We must prevent herpes zoster. On the one hand, we can Choosing drug therapy to use anti-drug drugs. When the disease occurs, which causes severe pain, nerve block can be used, or the nerve can be destroyed directly by radiofrequency thermocoagulation.

I have introduced to my friends what kind of food should be taboo for shingles. The occurrence of shingles disease can be said to cause great harm to our healthy skin. For this reason, we are The occurrence of herpes disease must be paid attention to, and actively go to a regular hospital for treatment.

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