What are the symptoms of women suffering from coronary heart disease?

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Adolescent women are susceptible to myocarditis, rheumatic heart disease, complicated by heart disease during pregnancy, or pregnancy in heart disease patients is one of the main causes of death of pregnant women.

After menopause, due to the decline of ovarian function, the secretion of estrogen in the body will decrease, which will cause increased blood lipids and blood viscosity, which will lead to arteriosclerosis and significantly increase the incidence of coronary heart disease.


After menopause, the secretion of endogenous estrogen is reduced, and the protective effect on the cardiovascular system is weakened, which leads to a rapid increase in cardiovascular disease. Compared with men of the same age, they are more likely to suffer from heart disease. In addition, after the age of 70, women’s cardiovascular morbidity and mortality are higher than those of men, and the negative effect of diabetes on women’s cardiovascular disease is also stronger than that of men.

Patients with coronary heart disease should have a reasonable diet, a light, digestible, low-fat and low-salt diet, and eat more foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids, such as fish; eat more foods rich in vitamin C and crude fiber, and eat more fresh fruits , It is strictly forbidden to overeating or over-satisfying, and you can eat less and more meals. Maintain an optimistic and relaxed state of mind, while avoiding tension, anxiety, agitation or anger. Keep the stool unobstructed, and avoid using force when defecate. Quit smoking, drink less alcohol, avoid strong coffee and tea, live a regular life, and ensure adequate sleep; keep warm to prevent upper respiratory tract infection.

In summary, do you have a certain knowledge and understanding of the symptoms related to coronary heart disease in women? The emergence of coronary heart disease must be checked and treated in a timely manner, so that the patient will not be further harmed. wish you healthy.

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