What food cannot nephritis eat

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For people with nephritis, diet is critical.The diet of nephritis patient needs abstain from food, such ability be helpful for rehabilitation.So what food can't nephritis eat?Let's take a look.


What food cannot nephritis eat

1. The egg

Renal function and metabolism of nephritis patients decreased, urine volume decreased, the metabolic products in the body can not all by the kidney out of the body, if the consumption of eggs too much, will make the body urea increase, leading to the burden of the kidney, leading to aggravation of the disease, and even prone to uremia.

2. A high-salt diet

The edema of chronic nephritis and blood volume, sodium salt relationship is great, therefore must limit salt, give low salt diet.Daily salt intake should be controlled below 2 to 4 grams to prevent edema and blood volume increase, the occurrence of accidents.

3. The sheep liver

Sheep liver should be avoided by patients with chronic nephritis in daily life, because it will hinder effective treatment to some extent.Usually protein in the body after metabolism can produce some nitrogenous waste, such as urea, creatinine, etc., through the kidney with urine excretion, and for chronic nephritis patients kidney is not good, so it is very easy to bring serious harm to patients.

4.Foods high in potassium

Patients with nephritis and accompanied by high creatinine never ate food with potassium ions, such as mushrooms, amaranth, cauliflower and spinach, water spinach, bamboo shoots, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, mustard, sweet pomegranate, loquat, peach, orange, persimmon, orange, sugar, etc., these are all contain potassium ion, and is not to eat raw vegetables.

5.High-fat foods

Because fat can inhibit hematopoietic function and aggravate arteriosclerosis, renal inflammation patients should not eat too much high-fat food.But if nephritis does not have adipose ingestion, the body can become more frail, reason can use vegetable oil to replace in daily life, everyday about 60 grams.

6.Foods high in purines and nitrogen

In order to reduce the burden of the kidney, should limit the stimulation of kidney cells of food, such as radish, beans, spinach, celery, soy products, sardines and fish soup, chicken soup, broth, etc.Because in those foods, purine and nitrogen are relatively high, in renal dysfunction, its metabolites can not be discharged in time, will have a negative impact on renal function.

After the introduction of the above, I believe you have known what food can not eat nephritis, I hope the above content can help you, Wish you a happy life, good health.

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