What is the effect of practicing yoga

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What is the effect of practicing yoga

1. What does the effect of yoga have

Yoga can improve blood circulation, nourish the skin, reduce wrinkles, make skin and muscles elastic, delay the aging process, and delay the arrival of menopause.

Yoga can stabilize the nervous system, regulate the female endocrine system, nourish and strengthen the female reproductive system, prevent and treat gynecological diseases.

Promote the normal secretion of estrogen and hormone and strengthen the function of lymph drainage.


2. What does yoga do to shape your body

Yoga can strengthen the chest, beautify the chest curve, prevent breast sagging, make the waist soft, beautify the buttock, avoid gluteus flabby sagging, beautify the buttock, eliminate abdominal fat, prevent lower body fat, slim the legs, increase the elasticity of hamstrings, eliminate thigh, calf fat.

3. What does the effect of yoga have to eliminate tension

People who do not stand or sit properly, or who are chronically stressed due to work or life stress, are naturally more likely to feel tired or tired than normal, which can lead to abnormal breathing.

The yogic method of breathing, through conscious breathing, can eliminate the waste gas in the body, empty the fire, eliminate tension and fatigue.

4. What does yoga do to make breathing easier

Yoga is a kind of exercise to calm the whole body and mind by adjusting the breath, and you can consciously regulate your breath. Many people suffer from chest tightness and palpitations, most of which are caused by obstruction of qi and blood. Yoga can help you open the meridians and make qi and blood unblocked.

5. What is the function of yoga to regulate physiological function

Yoga can stimulate the endocrine system, maintain the balance of endocrine, endocrine diseases such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, etc., also has a good effect, and through the regulation of physiological functions, also can make the symptoms of female menopause more smooth, relieve the uncomfortable symptoms.

6. What effect does yoga have on improving eyesight and hearing

Normal vision and hearing depends mainly on blood circulation and nerve transmission in the eyes and ears.

The neck is the only place where nerves and blood vessels must be. The older you get, the neck will lose elasticity, nerves and blood vessels will be delayed when passing through the neck, so it will affect hearing and vision, and yoga posture and yoga neck movement can improve the neck condition, and then enhance vision and hearing.

The basic movements of yoga's thin legs

1. Lie on your back and kick

Lie on your back, feet a short distance apart, knees bent, feet fully on the ground, thighs straight, hands behind your head, and slowly lift your shoulders off the ground, slightly wiggling your face to the right.

2. Push-ups

With your feet together and your thighs on the floor, place your arms under your shoulders, bend your elbows 90 degrees, and keep your upper arms straight. Keep your back straight, face down, and hold for 15 seconds.

3. Twist on the back

Lie on your back, back, feet together, his legs bent, swinging his legs at the same time in the right, knees bent 90 degrees, the buttocks to lift, arms straight points to sides, the head turn to the left, to repeat, on the other side to do the process of this position, try to hold tight the legs, feet can be extended calf stretches back at the same time.

4. Sitting with one leg crossed

Place your hips on the floor with your legs bent and the balls of your feet fully on the floor. Place your arms behind your back on the floor with your palms on the floor. Lean your back slightly backward.

Taboos after yoga

1. Don't squat immediately after a workout.

Squatting and resting immediately after yoga will affect the blood circulation, which is not conducive to the elimination of fatigue and physical recovery.

2. Don't eat right away.

When practicing yoga, the whole body is in a more excited state, and the blood will also be redistributed, the blood inside the abdominal cavity will be relatively less, so the yoga immediately eat will increase the burden of the digestive organs, causing dysfunction.

3. Don't shower right away.

Although yoga often large area sweating, but should not take a bath immediately, especially hot bath, this will make the heart and brain supply insufficient blood, after the bath will appear dizziness nausea and other conditions, which is not appropriate for physical health.

4. Do not eat a lot of sugar after yoga.

Some people feel to eat some sweet thing to be able to alleviate fatigue after acuteness yoga, and feel more comfortable think after yoga can eat sweet thing, in fact after practicing yoga to drink too much polysaccharide water or eat too much sweet thing can make a person feel tired instead, inappetenence, and also can affect the recovery of physical strength.

Accordingly, the food that contains sugar much had better eat less after acuteness yoga, should eat a few delicate.

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