What should I do if I get hungry due to high blood sugar?

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For patients with high blood sugar, in order to control blood sugar, the intake of staple foods must be strictly controlled, but because of high blood sugar, they are prone to hunger, which is very annoying for many diabetic patients. thing. How to deal with this situation?


What should I do if I get hungry due to high blood sugar

1. Don't reduce the staple food excessively

Staple food can provide energy for the body and should not be overly restricted. For laborers with light physical strength, the amount of staple food should be controlled at 400 grams, and for people with heavy physical strength, the staple food should be controlled at 500 grams. You can drink a small bowl of rice porridge before eating, which not only gives people a feeling of fullness, but also supplements nutrition and moisture.

2. Adopt the principle of small meals and make a good match of meat and vegetables

People with high blood sugar who are prone to hunger can adopt the principle of small meals. Each meal is only 7 minutes full. Appropriate extra meals at 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. This method can reduce the increase in blood sugar after meals. Also avoid hunger intolerance. Before eating, you can choose low-calorie and low-sugar foods, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, etc., which can not only supplement the body with dietary fiber and vitamins, but also give people a sense of fullness, reduce hunger, and prevent blood sugar fluctuations. Recommend cold vegetables, not only can adjust the taste, but also prevent the increase in blood sugar after meals, to maximize the nutrition inside.

3. Prepare snacks at ordinary times

People with high blood sugar should prepare snacks such as chocolate or sugary drinks with them when they go out, and take a few bites immediately when they feel hungry to prevent low blood sugar. Low-sugar fruits can be supplemented appropriately between meals, which can not only supplement dietary fiber and nutrition, but also relieve hunger. You can usually eat more bulky foods such as bitter gourd, Chinese cabbage or celery, which are rich in dietary fiber and lower.

What is good for high blood sugar?

1. Black fungus and onion

The nutrients in black fungus are very high, such as carrot vitamins, fungus polysaccharides and minerals, etc., especially fungus polysaccharides have a significant effect on lowering blood sugar. The thioureabutyric acid contained in onions can reduce the utilization of sugar by cells, and the prostaglandin a contained in onions can dilate blood vessels.

2. Bitter gourd and konjac

The bitter gourd contains a substance similar to insulin, which has the effect of lowering blood sugar and blood lipids, and also helps to lose weight. Konjac is a high-fiber and low-calorie food, which contains a lot of glucomannan, which can lower blood sugar. Because konjac has a relatively large molecular weight and high viscosity, it can delay the intestinal absorption of glucose and prevent postprandial blood sugar from rising.

Experts say that people with diabetes should control their sugar intake at ordinary times. When they feel hungry, they can use meat and vegetables to satisfy their hunger. They can also eat some Chinese cabbage and pakchoi, as well as greens and vegetables such as water spinach and lettuce. You should eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat more foods that can reduce blood sugar. You can eat more mung beans and winter melon, as well as yam and pork belly. You can use peanut oil, tea oil and corn oil to make cooking oil.


If patients with high blood sugar are hungry more frequently, they must go to the hospital for examination in time to avoid developing diabetes. It is necessary to match the diet reasonably, avoid eating high-sugar foods, and exercise properly to enhance insulin resistance.

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