What to do if there is no "sex" after giving birth?

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Recently, I met a Bao’s mother who was 3 months postpartum and asked for a gynecological examination. All the results of the tests and examinations were normal, but she was still vomiting. After repeated inquiries, she finally told the truth: “Doctor, I’m born. After I finished my child, I had no interest in sex life. I refused to have it a few times. Later, I was afraid that my husband would be unhappy, so I reluctantly accepted it once, but I didn't feel any pleasure and still felt pain. Is there something wrong?"


Generally speaking, if the doctor tells you that the uterus is well restored, the wound has healed, and there is no bloody lochia, then sex life can return to normal.

However, many postpartum mothers are beginning to worry about their loss of libido, loss of pleasure, and even pain...Don’t worry, in fact, the problem of women’s postpartum "sexual interest" is very common, and it can be alleviated by taking positive and correct measures. .

Keyword 1: Pain

Postpartum painful intercourse generally occurs

Postpartum painful intercourse is very common. According to a survey, it can reach 50%~70%. The main causes of pain are as follows:

1. Hormone level changes

The level of estrogen drops sharply after the placenta is delivered. The high prolactin value during breastfeeding will inhibit the pulsed gonadotropin releasing hormone secretion in the hypothalamus and reduce the production of estrogen. And this low estrogen state will cause burning of the vulva, disappearance of vaginal epithelial folds, hyperemia of the mucosa, decreased secretions, yellowing, and dryness and pain during the same room.

Use some water-based lubricants to reduce dryness and pain during intercourse. At the same time, don't worry, the state of the vaginal mucosa will be restored after the estrogen level recovers.

2. Pelvic floor muscle tone is too high

Whether it is a normal delivery or a cesarean section, the pressure on the pelvic floor caused by the pregnancy in October and the delivery of the baby, coupled with the pressure on the pelvic floor after giving birth to hold the baby, mothers can easily make the pelvic floor muscles tired. Many mothers are worried about their postpartum pelvic floor muscle relaxation, but they don't know that before the relaxation, the pelvic floor will often be in a state of fatigue with high tension. At this time, the intercourse will feel painful.

After giving birth, you need to go to a regular hospital for pelvic floor function evaluation. If you do Kegel exercises at home or encounter an unprofessional pelvic floor rehabilitation institution, the same treatment method may be counterproductive.

Keyword 2: Tired

Postpartum fatigue reduces "sexual interest"

After childbirth, the mothers of the mothers are very hard to take care of the baby. They cannot sleep well at night, and they have to get up to feed the baby. There are a lot of things to worry about: why the baby is crying again, why the baby does not grow meat, why the baby can't solve the stool... …Postpartum fatigue reduces the "sexual interest". When the mothers are tired, they naturally feel that the sexual interest is not high.

Sex is not the purpose of marriage, but it is indeed the lubricant of the relationship between husband and wife. If all the attention is paid to the baby after delivery, the husband will feel neglected and even cause family conflicts. In fact, you can actively involve prospective fathers during pregnancy and encourage them to participate in the "Novice Dad Training Camp", "Childbirth Pain Experience Class" and so on. These courses will help the dads enter the role in advance. On the one hand, they can feel the difficulty of the mothers, and on the other hand, they can take care of the babies together after delivery to relieve the pressure of the mothers.

In addition, postpartum mothers should also learn to seize the fragmented time between breastfeeding, take a break in time, play less on mobile phones and use friends, and restore physical strength with appropriate exercise, so that sexual desire will be restored gradually.

Keyword three: tired

Not interested in everything

If mothers have no interest in sex, but also feel depressed, have no interest in doing things, do not want to see people, do not want to talk, do not want to eat, and do not want to bring children, they have to think about whether they have postpartum depression. The incidence of postpartum depression is about 3% to 6%, which is a disease caused by postpartum hormones, social roles and psychological changes. It can be manifested as severe insomnia, low mood, loss of interest, weight loss, fatigue, lack of pleasure, or even ignore the baby. In severe cases, there will be a tendency to weariness.

First of all, don’t worry, you may be just postpartum depression. This kind of emotion is very common. According to the survey, more than 80% of novice mothers will have postpartum depression. This can be understood as a "cold" in your emotions, so Postpartum depression is not terrible.

Secondly, when Bao Ma feels that she has such emotional changes, she can ask for help in time, take the initiative to tell her family or friends for comfort and support, and can also go out to participate in some postpartum sports, and communicate with other novice mothers can help you increase your parenting experience ,Relieve stress.

When none of the above methods are effective, you can still find a psychologist, who will provide professional evaluation, psychological counseling, and if necessary, cooperate with medication to help Baoma through this difficult period.

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