Will I have a fever after heat stroke in summer?

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The high temperature in summer can easily induce a variety of diseases, and some people will have fever. So, why does fever occur after heatstroke? How to treat fever after heatstroke? Let's take a look.

Recently, the weather has turned hot and it has fallen into a slump. People who are getting hotter and hotter are feeling uncomfortable. I can’t wait to put myself in an ice cube to feel better. People with heatstroke have headache, high fever, vomiting or fainting, and sometimes cause death. Therefore, in case of heatstroke, first aid should be taken as soon as possible to avoid collapse and death. What should I do if I have a fever after heatstroke?


Analysis of the causes of heatstroke and fever

In the summer, when the breath is sultry and hot, many people will experience physical discomfort, which is what we often call the phenomenon of heatstroke. Many of the symptoms of heatstroke will manifest as fever. Feeling of abdominal distension refers to the symptoms of unwillingness to move, not wanting to eat anything, and vomiting or diarrhea. The cause of heatstroke is the body's heat dissipation obstacles caused by the increase in ambient temperature. If the heat cannot be excreted in the body, the body temperature must be overheated. The usual measures are to lower the ambient temperature and speed up heat dissipation. In severe cases, send a doctor to a doctor.

First aid methods for heat stroke

First, move the patient to a cool place, loosen or take off his clothes, let him lie down comfortably, and raise his head and shoulders with something. Cover his head with a wet towel, preferably a water bag or ice pack. Dip a sponge in alcohol or soak a towel in cold water to wipe the body, fan as much as possible to lower his body temperature to normal temperature. Finally, measure his body temperature or observe the patient’s pulse rate. If the body temperature is below 110 per minute, it means that the body temperature is still tolerable. If it reaches 110 or higher, stop using various cooling methods. After observing for about 10 minutes, if the body temperature continues Rise, and then cool down again. After regaining consciousness, provide salt water to drink, but not give stimuli. In addition, according to the comfort level of the patient, cover is supplied.

Reminder: It is best to use physical methods to cool down when heatstroke and fever occur. The first thing to do is to quickly evacuate from the high temperature environment that causes heatstroke, choose a cool and ventilated place to rest; and drink more salty refreshing drinks. You can also apply cooling oil, wind oil essence, etc. on the forehead and temple, or take traditional Chinese medicines such as human pill, ten drops of water, and Huoxiang Zhengqi water. If there is a drop in blood pressure or collapse, you should immediately lie supine and go to the hospital for an intravenous drip of saline.

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