Reasonable exercise moderate regulation of hypertension

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The formation of hypertension is a long-term pathophysiological process.According to Traditional Chinese medicine, chronic depression or irritability, poor diet, excessive sleepiness and excessive mental strain can all trigger the disease.

The prevention of hypertension should be carried out as early as possible.When there is a slight increase in blood pressure, some preventive measures should be taken, especially non-drug therapy and behavioral interventions.Non-drug therapy and behavioral intervention refers to the prevention and treatment of diseases through moderate exercise, diet, sleep, mood adjustment, and excretion of work stress and other self-care measures.

As for the hands-off body-building method introduced by Readers of Wang Chong, we believe that it actually includes several factors such as reasonable exercise, emotional adjustment and excretion of working pressure.From the perspective of Traditional Chinese medicine, it is able to play the role of relieving phlegm, regulating the heart and kidney, and communicating Yin and Yang.By regulating the functions of various human systems, it not only eliminates the predisposing factors that cause hypertension, but also makes people tend to be calm and sleep peacefully because of "natural relaxation, peace of mind and elimination of distracting thoughts".With the improvement of the overall function of the person, the digestive function can be naturally strengthened, also relieve constipation, without constipation, hemorrhoids is nowhere to hide.However, for hypertension, it is only an adjuvant therapy, can only be used for the control of mild hypertension, moderate to severe hypertension, must go to the hospital, under the guidance of the doctor for regular treatment.However, in the regular treatment at the same time, exercise, diet and other self-regulation, or indispensable.

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