I can’t control my blood sugar, I can’t move my eyes

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The 65-year-old Lao Zhang has been suffering from diabetes for nearly 10 years. Recently, he suddenly experienced drooping eyelids and unable to lift his eyelids. His family thought it was a stroke. He hurriedly sent him to the hospital. After examination, he was diagnosed as "diabetic sexual activity". Ocular nerve palsy".

In recent years, the incidence of oculomotor nerve damage caused by diabetes is on the rise, and chronic hyperglycemia is its "hidden killer". Although the lethality is not fatal, it is also very annoying, so sugar friends should pay attention to it.


Diabetic oculomotor nerve palsy is a type of diabetic peripheral neuropathy and the most common diabetic mononeuropathy. In the case of long-term high blood sugar in diabetic patients, the blood vessels supplying the oculomotor nerve are blocked, and sufficient oxygen and nutrients are not available. The optic nerve, the oculomotor nerve and abductor nerve that manage eye movements will be diseased. The disease often attacks suddenly, and the patients are mostly middle-aged and elderly people.

The oculomotor nerve is the third cranial nerve of the human body and belongs to the motor nerve. When it is paralyzed, in addition to ptosis, there will be pupil adjustment disorders, diplopia, dizziness, exotropia, and eye movement (such as The eyeballs cannot move upwards and downwards), etc., and even the eye muscles are completely paralyzed, causing sugar lovers to fall easily while walking.

Sugar friends must not underestimate diabetic neuropathy, it is the earliest of all diabetic complications, and at the same time it is more difficult to deal with. Therefore, on the one hand, blood sugar must be controlled to avoid neuropathy as much as possible. On the other hand, when neuropathy occurs, we must seize the opportunity and treat in time, so that it is possible to recover as soon as possible.

The disease also needs to be differentiated from myasthenia gravis, facial nerve palsy and other diseases: oculomotor nerve palsy is often caused by sudden eyelid drooping and diplopia on one side, while myasthenia gravis is a problem with both eyelids, and facial nerve palsy is bilateral and one-sided. A mild facial paralysis.

Long-term poor blood sugar can directly affect the occurrence and development of diabetic oculomotor nerve palsy. Therefore, controlling blood sugar is the key to defeating the enemy. The disease has a certain degree of self-healing. If blood sugar is well controlled, symptoms can be relieved after one month.

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