What is the blood glucose standard for pregnant women? How to control blood sugar during pregnancy?

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For pregnant women, they will be very concerned about the fetus in the abdomen, and they all hope that their children can be born healthy and safe. As a disadvantaged group, pregnant women are prone to various problems during pregnancy that can harm the fetus, especially gestational diabetes. Some pregnant women suffer from gestational diabetes because their blood sugar levels are too high. Usually, pregnant women need to understand the blood sugar standards during pregnancy. Be able to control yourself within this standard to prevent the occurrence of gestational diabetes.


What is the blood glucose standard for pregnant women?

The standard value of blood glucose of pregnant women has two aspects: fasting blood glucose and postprandial blood glucose. When fasting, the fasting blood glucose of normal people should be kept in the range of 3.9~6.1mmol/L. Since pregnant women belong to a special group, compared with The normal value of blood glucose will be stricter, so the standard value of fasting blood glucose of pregnant women is generally around 3.1~5.6mmol/L.

The postprandial blood glucose level is generally divided into the blood glucose level 1 hour after the meal and the blood glucose level 2 hours after the meal. The blood glucose level 1 hour after the meal cannot exceed 10.0mmol/L, and the blood glucose standard value 2 hours after the meal cannot exceed 8.5mmol /L.

How can pregnant women prevent blood sugar from exceeding the standard value?

1. Control your diet

Most pregnant women's blood glucose levels during pregnancy exceed the normal range because of their daily diet. Many pregnant women eat a lot of high-fat and high-calorie foods in order to allow the fetus to absorb more nutrients. After these foods enter the body, In addition to part of the supply to the fetus, more will accumulate in the body, which will easily lead to excessive calories and fat and cause high blood sugar.

2. Appropriate exercise

Most pregnant women do not keep exercising in order to avoid injury to the fetus after pregnancy. They do not know that pregnant women can do some soothing exercises. Soothing exercises can help consume excess calories and fat in the body, thereby helping to maintain weight. Effectively control blood sugar.

3, control other indicators

Many pregnant women are prone to some indicator problems during pregnancy, such as increased blood lipids, increased blood pressure, increased blood sugar, etc., and if other indicators cannot reach the normal range when blood sugar is stable, it is easy to affect blood sugar, thus causing Abnormal blood glucose levels follow, so pregnant women must control other indicators of the body. If other indicators are out of control, they must take measures to control them in time to prevent other indicators from losing control and affecting blood sugar and causing blood sugar to fluctuate.

Warm reminder, pregnant women only need to know the blood glucose standard during pregnancy, so that they can make a comparison when they regularly monitor blood sugar, so that they can know whether their blood sugar fluctuates. In addition, other indicators must be checked regularly to be able to do a comprehensive protection to prevent their blood sugar levels from exceeding the normal range.

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